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Hello visitors and friends! the name's NADINE DOMINISSE, just call me Nadz. born on 7/8/93. I live in London, United Kingdom ( just kidding! LOL*). I live in the "Pearl of the Orient Seas". I am a dreamer. Dancing is my passion and so does, Photography and Fashion. I have a lot of TALENTS too. An ONLY CHILD, that's it.
- Oh, when it comes to my blog. I post random thoughts here. those things that inspires me: photography, fashion, humor, FOOD! etc. and I also post about my own thoughts and my favorite celebrities. FEEL FREE TO FOLLOW!!!. Questions are highly appreciated (go on, hit my ask box out there).

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Yes, I'm FOLLOWING them...

oh why hello there, BOOBOO….why so hot? :D

oh why hello there, BOOBOO….why so hot? :D

lol at this! :D

I love my skin!

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ohwow…for the ♥ of sunnies! :)

ohwow…for the ♥ of sunnies! :)

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yep. truly….YEP :)

yep. truly….YEP :)

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hahaha! :3

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